Workers Credit Union opens a new Branch at Monty Tech

The new Branch included 4 student interns that were paid by Workers Credit Union as employees.  We had two seniors and two juniors.  Both seniors that just graduated just became full-time employees of the credit union while the juniors were relocated to 2 of our branches as part-time help for the summer.  This was a win-win situation.

The branch is open to the public when the school is open! Come see us!

Linda Lagoy
Vice President Regional Manager
Workers Credit Union

Women in Technology

One of the highlights of our School to Career initiative is our Women in Technology program. Each year approximately 25 young women from several schools in the region participate in an internship with Tyco Fire & Safety and Simplex/Grinnell Corporation in Westminster. Students focus on real projects such as product development, internal communication and WEB design.

Summer Employment

Each year working with local businesses, community-based organizations and chambers of commerce we place students in summer jobs with work-based learning plans that connect academic achievement and workplace skills.