The North Central Workforce Investment Board is a private non-profit corporation designated by the Governor to serve as the local workforce investment board for the north central region under the new Federal Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA).


The mission of the NCMWIB is to provide job-driven employment and educational services that expand opportunities for young people and adults in North Central Massachusetts and provide employers with the competitive workforce they need to succeed.


Based on a comprehensive analysis of regional labor market needs, challenges and priorities, the North Central MA Workforce Investment Board set forth the following strategic goals for FY18-Fy22:

Promote, develop and expand relevant career pathways, stackable credentials, work-based learning and skill development opportunities to address the hiring needs of the region’s priority industry sectors of Health Care and Advanced Manufacturing.

Increase access and opportunities for people with barriers to employment, such as people with disabilities, older workers, veterans, low-income adults, experienced or displaced workers with outdated skills, and college graduates with academic credentials not matched to skill demand.

Provide the region’s youth with opportunities, skills, and credentials to participate in career pathways and secure employment.