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Careers in Manufacturing


including the birthplace of American plastics industry in Leominster, the area is home to more than 430 manufacturers, including dozens of multinational corporations. Companies range from the world-class plastics industry cluster of more than 140 companies to pharmaceuticals to photonics and paper, as well as biomedical devices. A strong and stable business base exists here, as well as rapidly growing industrial/commercial areas such as Devens Business Park.

North Central Massachusetts is unique among workforce areas in the state in that it has double the number of manufacturing jobs as a percentage of the private labor force. Fully one-third of all private wages paid in the region are from manufacturing jobs. The region also boasts the largest plastics industry cluster in the Northeast. This is why we say that North Central Massachusetts is “Where Manufacturing Matters.”

– North Central MA Chamber of Commerce: “Doing Business Here in North Central Massachusetts.”

Top 20 Facts about Manufacturing


  • Provide support and identify resources for manufacturing. At least two members from the Manufacturing sector sit on the North Central MA Workforce Board

  • Market the Workforce Training Fund Program

  •  Increase the pipeline of available skilled workers and up-skill incumbent employees.

  • Participate in opportunities to secure grants & funding to provide relevant training programs & career pathway

  • Meet or exceed the goals of the NEG 

  • Continue to work on training for advanced manufacturing positions, CNC operators and entry level

  • Develop job driven strategies to post and fill critical manufacturing positions

  • Promote that contains contacts, postings and discussions used in the H1-B manufacturing project

  • Support the North Central Chamber of Commerce “Amp it Up” program

  • Support local community college and vocational schools to develop curriculum for critical and emerging manufacturing needs.

  • Support applications for new curriculum and equipment for training students in manufacturing (Perkins, TAACCCT, etc.).

  • Engage local employers in grant projects and on project advisory committees

  • Maintain strong manufacturing partnershipsbetween key business and training providers to ensure training meets the needs of businesses.

How We Can Help You

From our partners the North Central MA Chamber of Commerce:

“Advanced manufacturing is booming in Massachusetts. That’s why AMP it up! was created — to help students (middle through high school) and adults (parents, guidance counselors, and other influencers) take advantage of the many great, highly skilled, well-paying manufacturing jobs available in our state. Through AMP it up!, students who like to build things and solve problems can plan for a lucrative career with a choice of jobs, often without a four-year college degree. We provide schools with resources, and guidance students need for jobs in high-tech processing, factory automation, product development, nanotechnology, direct digital fabrication, micro-manufacturing, and other exciting fields. Contact the Chamber at 978.353.7600 for more information.”

The Board offers technical assistance to local companies that are interested in applying to the States Workforce Training Fund. Currently the State offers matching grants up to one million dollars to companies that compete for grants to train their workers. For more information or to apply on line visit the Commonwealth Corporation website at

The North Central and the Central Mass Workforce Boards partnered with community colleges, vocational technical high schools and community partners to develop and expand training that prepares workers for jobs in manufacturing throughout Worcester County. The Commonwealth Corporation, on behalf of the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, awarded the NCMWIB $400,000 to train 60 customers.

Mount Wachusett Community College has developed a Manufacturing Career Preparation Certificate that includes industry fundamentals like blue print reading, measurement tools, quality systems, mechanical assessment, OSHA safety and more.

Nypro is uniquely qualified to offer a state-of-the-art curriculum in injection molding and related disciplines, which require highly specialized skills and continuous improvement. Through live and virtual classrooms, and online resources, students:

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest molding and electronics manufacturing technologies and processes
  • Drive quality process and output improvements

And companies can:

  • Enhance plastics solutions for improved customer satisfaction
  • Gain competitive advantages in all operational facets
  • Speed time-to-market, improve quality and lower costs
  • Optimize employee morale by committing to professional development

Courses are operated in partnership with the Fitchburg State University, Mount Wachusset Community College, RJG Inc., and other corporate and academic partners. Localized classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment and virtual classrooms are available.  Students can attend certain programs and receive certifications virtually anywhere and anytime.

Click here for a list of courses, schedules, and enrollment information.

With 100,000 jobs projected to open in the next decade, now is the time to get an Advanced Manufacturing credential at MWCC. With 2-week, 6-week, 1-year, and 2-year options, it fits your life. Earn a good wage and build a career path that matches your personality and interests. Call 978-630-9883 or click today to learn more.